RBFOCUS BOOKSHELF!!! "The Definitive Book of Body Language"

Another great read to add to my bookshelf. After completing this book it amazes me how many signals us humans can give without even noticing. Signals that show how we feel, what we think, and who we are. These signals also known as body language can truly help us connect with others. What's even more incredible is how important it is that we photographers have to connect with people. How building relationships and connecting on a personal level allows us to truly capture their personalities. It's really important for both us and them to feel comfortable so that we can really document the true emotions of their day!!

On the other hand during business meetings and consultations it's been incredible to see how clients react to your services and your pricing. Understanding how they feel will really give you a good idea of their interest in your product and where they'll most likely go.

So if you're connecting with people, going on an interview, or having meetings, I really believe this would be a great read!!