Write Down Your Yearly Goals!!

It's Official!!! We have only a few days left of 2016 and 2017 is right around the corner!!! How often do we take the time to sit down and recap on the previous year? The good, the bad and everything in between?? Regardless of how your year has been, I find it is important to take a moment and review your year. We always ask ourselves what have we done this year that we can do differently the next which will make us better overall? Most importantly, we take this time to write down our goals for the coming year. If you have been writing down your goals for the previous years then NOW is the time to pick up that list and cross off your accomplishments. It's alright if you didn't accomplish them all, sometimes it'll take a few years or there may be smaller goals that'll need to be reached first before moving onto the bigger ones, but the important thing is that you are moving forward!!

I have been doing this for a long time but Andrea and I started doing it together since around 2010. Every year towards the last week of the year we will sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and jot down our goals for the coming year. With the previous year's list at hand, we will look at what we have accomplished and what we haven't and we will then create the new list accordingly. Regardless of how big or how small those goals may seem or how crazy they may be, we will write them down. The most important reason we do this is to subconsciously carve them into our minds so that we can work on them throughout the year. 

Rarely do we ever look at that list again until the end of the year; maybe once or twice but that's about it. The reason we do it this is so we don't get caught up into ONLY following our written goals. Sometimes we'll end up accomplishing things we didn't write down however they were still great achievements. 

Going back to an article I wrote earlier this year, "5 Reasons Weekly To-Do Lists are so Important," I talked about the importance of writing down your to-do lists. Although those lists pertain to daily tasks, I truly believe 3 of the major steps; 1. Getting your thoughts out of your head, 2. Aiming High, and 3. Checking it Off are key in achieving some of those goals.

Writing down our goals is the very first step in making them real.

If they are ONLY in our heads then they are ONLY an idea but once those thoughts are written down onto a piece of paper they have now become physical!! 

Aiming high?? Why limit ourselves??

I firmly believe that the universe wants us to aim as big as the universe. We shouldn't limit ourselves whatsoever and we should NEVER limit ourselves based on other people's opinions. If anyone thinks your goals are too big to be possible then that only means they're limiting their lives!!

And Most Importantly Crossing them Off...

There is such a great great feeling once we cross things off right!! Imagine crossing off yearly goals such as becoming closer with family and friends, paying off a big debt, or buying your dream home?? You'll feel so much better and that feeling will only attract more greatness in your lives!! But in order to cross things off you must first write them down!!

So, as we get closer to 2017, take a few minutes to review the year and then find a nice quiet place to write down your goals!! Put as much positive energy into it and I bet you'll achieve more than you have ever imagined!!!

Happy Holidays Everyon!!!