RBFocus Bookshelf!!! "How to Drive your Competition Crazy"

I'm excited to share this new idea with you all. Lately I've been reading way more than I ever imagined and thankfully it's something I really enjoy and love to share. So I'm going to start adding a "RBFocus Bookshelf" post to our blog where I'm going to share our latest reads, articles, and anything else I get my hands on as well as share our summary, feedback, and ideas. Granted, everyone understands things differently but the more we read the more we learn in our opinion so we hope you all enjoy this section!! Happy Reading!!!

Here's to another great read and another book going on my shelf!!! I recently came across this book after reading some article on this entrepreneur website I frequently visit and couldn't help to grab it. I don't always agree with what I read but it's great to see what other people think and when there is something that is similar to the way I think, I get this feeling as if I'm going in the right direction.

In his book "How to Drive your Competition Crazy" Guy Kawasaki introduces a few different methods for running your business in a way that does exactly what his title claims. From understanding your own business end to end, to understanding what your customer wants. In my opinion these are all things we business owners should know. Focusing all of your energy on your customers won't just make them happy with your service but they too will begin spreading the word for you and be loyal to your brand and your company. We take our couples beyond personal. Each and every single one of them is the reason our business is where it is and we're forever grateful for the relationships we've been able to build with them!!

He later goes into discussing how to turn your "competition" into your friend. Honestly, this industry is so flooded it's crazy. The wedding industry alone is worth over $50 Billion Dollars... Yes that's a lot of zeros!!! So it's easy to be offensive with the competition but honestly we're blessed to have the colleagues we have. Finding partners that are just as passionate about what you do whom you can refer when you're not available is key. So instead of just telling clients we're not available and ending it there we try to help no matter what and that is what matters!!

At the end of the day if you want to "Drive your Competition Crazy", here's my take... Put in More work than anyone else!! If you are willing to bust your butt and work harder, smarter, happier and be passionate about what you are doing then you'll be lightyears ahead of the game. Focus on YOUR goals not anyone else's and PUT IN THE WORK!!!