3 Strategies Used When Calling Leads

We probably think calling your leads as a sales technique we all hate. I mean who really likes calling someone you've never ever spoken to in your life and to top it off we have to make an impression right there and then. Calling Leads was probably one of the most difficult aspects of our business. For Andrea, dealing with customers was not much of a big deal. She worked in retail for several years and had new customers walking in and out of her stores daily. I on the other hand worked behind a cubicle where the most interaction I did with customers was probably once a month.


So when I quit my job, I had to learn and force myself to speak with people. From the very beginning of our business we'd call leads and clients. As soon as we received their inquiry I would give them a call. For the first couple of months my phone calls sounded horrible. Andrea decided it would be a great idea to record me which BTW we probably have those recordings stashed somewhere but they won't see daylight for many years to come haha. After I'd hang up we would review the call and all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and disappear because I seriously SUCKED!!! 

I was a nervous wreck on the phone. I sounded scared, I stuttered, repeated words like "basically" and "um", and I'd mix words up all the time. No wonder our leads rarely got back to us after speaking with me on the phone. 


So I continued to listen to my recorded calls. Although I sounded like complete shit, I continued without giving up. I could have easily said I wasn't cut out for calling people or that I wasn't cut out for "sales" bla, bla, bla; but at the end of the day I HAD to find a way to feel comfortable when speaking on the phone. So I practiced and took notes. I remember even writing a small script which BTW sounded horrible but it truly helped me from repeating my words. 


With time, my calls began to get better and better. I'd start each call with a smile on my face which we'll get into The Power of Smiling later on in another article but that truly gave me a confidence boost to start. I'd introduce myself and then ask my lead more about them. I'd let them do most of the talking and ask them questions about their wedding day. They usually ask us questions which I would write down and eventually became a major part of our "Frequently Asked Questions" on our website. I would then speak more about us, the service we're going to deliver and how we approach their day. It only took me about 2 years to feel that my calls were getting better. Today my calls are still not 100% but whenever I have to call a lead I'm sure to call them when I'm feeling my best throughout the day. This is a learning process and there really is no secret except getting out of your comfort zone and making that call.