Creating a Website that WORKS!

In my opinion,

a website is one of the most important areas of any business. It is the storefront of our business, our brand, our product and us!! This is where our clients go to see everything we do but most importantly to learn about us. Taking the time to design the most effective website is key and putting in the time and the energy into the design will bring out the best of it, Trust Us!!!

I have a minor background in web design. I took numerous web design classes while obtaining my degree, I designed several small business websites when I was starting and brought up some internal informative websites for some of the companies I worked for. So thankfully we've been able to handle our own, however that doesn't mean that my website has always been perfect. We have evolved through about 5 different designs before finally reaching our current website

With any web design, the most important thing is to get the message across. Lead your viewers in the direction you want them to go. Ask yourself the following questions when working on your website or desiging it alongside a web designer:

1. What is the first impression I want to make?

2. What do I want them to see first?

3. Where do I want them to go?

4. How do I want to make them feel?

5. Is my website easy to navigate?

6. Can the information I'm looking for be found easily?

For us, the very first thing I want our couples to see at is our photography ofcourse.

So choosing the correct photos of some beautiful moments was step 1.

Because our website has a Landing Page, we want to give our viewers the option to visit our Portfolio, Blog, or Contact Us immediately.

Once they've entered our page, we want them to see a featured full wedding. Most of our clients are couples who are searching for a wedding photographer and the majority of couples searching for wedding photographers want to see full weddings!!

So let's give them just that.

Because that featured wedding will remain up for some time our next and most important section is our Blog. Our blog is the number one place we want them to go. This is where our "Products" are showcased. Every wedding, session, and event we document is blogged here. We'll get into Blog Posts in another article but for now just know that Blogging has been one of the most contributing factors to our success.

Next we wanted to show them a Slideshow with Music. Something that engages our viewers and makes them connect with our photos.

We recently just added our Live Instagram Feed because we have been getting some exposure through instagram. Plus we share almost everything on Instagram so we want them to connect with us.

And Lastly!!!

An Entire Section about us. In the business of wedding photography, we feel that the photography is very very important BUT in our opinion, connecting with your couples is even MORE IMPORTANT!! We want to attract clients and couples who are like us, so we show exactly who we are. We share with them one of our favorite photos about us and then have an entire page dedicated to our lives.

Of Course

There are more features to our website such as more galleries, the contact us page, a new album page we just recently added, Andrea's Makeup section, and last but not least our "Info" page where we try to answer all of the most commonly asked questions. We want our viewers to visit our website and if we are the right fit we want them to connect with us immediately.


Takeaway Points

- Create an Outline or Sitemap to structure your website.
- Ask yourself and compare your website with the 6 questions mentioned above.
- Create an about us that will connect with your viewers.