The Importance of Calling your Clients!!

How many times do we get inquiries and think the best way to reply is simply by sending an email? I mean who actually wants to call clients? Sending an email is so much easier right...? It takes less time, you don't need to actually do any talking, and you don't really need to do much more...


How many times has a simple and standard email allowed us to really get to know our clients? This is where calling comes into place. Sure it takes time, sure sometimes it's awkward or we don't know what to say but in all honesty this has been the best form of communication for our business. Of course there are times we simply cannot communicate with our clients via phone because they didn't leave a number, or maybe we're out of the country but 95% of the time we'll give them a call first before replying to their inquiry and if they don't answer we'll leave them a voicemail.


Here are a few reasons why we feel calling our clients has truly helped us.

1. We actually get to speak with someone and hear their voice. Allowing them to hear your voice can truly show how we feel. We really want them to hear how excited we are that they contacted us and if it isn't face to face then a phone call is just as good. I mean, we can send them an email full of Emoji's but that isn't really professional in our opinion so we will always call first!!

2. Not only do they hear our voice but we will be able to hear theirs. We have been pretty blessed to work with some amazing people. Couples who truly care and value their wedding photography. Couples who somehow have so many things in common with us and share similar stories. This has allowed us to really work with people who we know we will enjoy spending time with. If we spoke with someone over the phone who really didn't care or just sounded like it was going to be a difficult client; we would be able to tell instantly if it was someone we'd like to work with or not. On the other hand imagine if you had a terrible client and all communication was done via email. There would be that chance you couldn't even tell but I bet if you would have spoken to them; you would have noticed something.

3. And lastly... We're going to talking about the "Power of Smiling" later in another blog post but we honestly feel that smiling before, during and after a call has truly helped our phone call success rate. This goes back to step 1 about expressing excitement but smiling just makes your voice sound different, inviting, welcoming... All of this adds to the experience that you're giving your client and when they book you the experience begins with that very first phone call.

We know how difficult it is to not only take the time to call your clients but also to feel comfortable. As we wrote in a previous article 3 Strategies Used When Calling Leads, it takes time and practice. But once you feel comfortable and confident, I can guarantee you that your success rate with calls will be much better than just sending an email.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. We're excited to hear your story!!!