The Power of Putting in the Work & Energy

The Story of Business Cards

A few years ago I read a story of two people who had attended a business networking event. Neither of them knew each other but they were both after the same thing, "Business." Prior to the event, each attendant was told it would be a good idea to bring along business cards with them to hand out to other attendants. Neither of them had cards so they went to get some done. The one guy waited till almost a week before the event to get his cards made. Because of the time crunch he just went online and copied one quickly added his name and phone number and ordered them without hesitation. A few days later the cards arrived right before the event and he was ready to go. The other man took the time to really sit down and design the cards. He had no experience in design but he really put the energy into sketching some ideas for his company (colors, patterns, logos, etc) and shared it with someone who'd make his vision come true. After several nights of putting in the work and energy he was finally happy with the product and placed the order. Unfortunately his cards didn't make it in time but he still attended the networking event. During this event something crazy happened. It turns out that the first man who didn't really put in the energy to design something gained ZERO business. He handed out cards and all but no one called him back. Now the other man, although he had no cards to hand out he literally gave his phone number away while explaining that his cards hadn't arrived in time but he was still looking forward to connecting. He gained so much business from this networking event it was unreal to him.


For years I've been putting this mindset to the test. Every single time we need to create something we put in as much positive energy as we possibly could. Whether it's designing new business cards, updating websites, creating pricing sheets, editing work, etc. Anything and everything we do we try to give it our all if we really want it. We hear of so many people trying this and tying that and it isn't working. Then when we see what they're doing and their process, there is not enough energy given. If you think you're going to waste zero energy and get something in return you've got it all wrong.


Energy & Work go hand in hand however you don't need to be an expert at something to put in the work. I've had people say to me "you're experience in web design has allowed you to design your own website and your experience in graphic design has allowed you to create your own graphics..." Yes they are right. It took a long time to learn these things and it's something I enjoy however if you don't know any of this stuff it doesn't mean that you don't need to put in some work. 

Get out there and create a vision board, draw up ideas, create a plan. If you can't draw create stick figures for all I care and have something ready to present to your designer. Meet with someone professional and don't just get there and say here's what I want, can you do it for me? No... Actually sit down with them, plan, put in the work and the energy to create something unique to you and to your brand. 

When you do this and you feel that you are exhausted and that you've busted your ass but you feel GREAT about what you've created; I guarantee you that the outcome will be much greater than if you would have sat back and expected something in return without putting in the work & energy!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!