Why Blog?? 8 Steps to get started!!

I have been wanting to talk about this topic for some time now and here I am, finally!! We photographed our very first wedding in 2010 and beforehand, I remember devouring Jasmine Star's Workshops as fast as I possibly could. Aside from the many things that stuck to me; one of the most impacting was how serious she took blogging. So we made it a religion and have blogged every single wedding since 2010. But the question is why? Why do we blog? Why is it so important? What have we gained from blogging? 

We see businesses that should be blogging all the time but don't and some of the excuses and questions that come up are:

1. I don't know how to blog?

2. I don't feel comfortable writing, where do I begin?

3. It takes up so much time and I don't have time.

4. No one is going to read my blogs so why should I waste my time?

I'm sure there are more questions that people come up with and let's be honest. We all go through the same thing. I remember asking myself all of the questions above but we decided to move forward with it and make it part of our routine.

Now this specific blog post is geared towards wedding photography but this can be applied to any other business. If you own an event planning business, a restaurant, a hair salon, or whatever it is. There will ALWAYS be something to blog!!

So we started blogging. I enjoy writing more now than ever but back then I didn't really enjoy it and didn't think I was good. However I forced myself like everything else. My motivation came from the thought that I wasn't blogging for the public but I was blogging for my clients and their families. I found it easier to write to someone I've already spoken with than to a stranger so we created every blog and wrote a little something from the day. Even if it was a short message to express how thankful we were to have been there, it was a start. 

I like to think of our blogs as a short story. We write an introduction and then tell a story using our photographs. 

Yes blogging takes up time. Call me crazy but I've timed myself and creating a blog from start to finish from preparing the photos to post, to writing the post, to using the correct hyperlinks and tags to creating the slideshow. This all takes me about 2-3hours give or take. But in my opinion it is a time investment we're making in our business. And the more we blog the more exposure we get. 

So you're probably wondering how has blogging Helped us?

Well, lets just say that we've booked over 50 weddings JUST from the work of our blog. Every single booking has come from a google search which has led the couple to our blog who then took the time to do more research and decided we were the right fit. 

But how did that happen?

Using keywords, tagging, sharing, and putting in a great deal of energy!!

Every blog not only has a little written story about the day but we also us the blog to tag all of the wedding day vendors. We link back to their websites wherever we can so when readers are going through our blog they can click the links. Google will uses these words and links in their search engine so when people are searching lets say "The Madison Hotel Wedding" there is a great chance our blog post & photos will come up in the results.

As soon as you're found then the rest is in your work. 

So how do you get started? Below are 8 Steps we recommend following:

1. Make sure your website has a blogging page and if not let's get one started.

2. Create your first post and title it the Name of your Bride & Groom plus the Location

3. Even if you don't feel comfortable writing anything here's a start... "Congratulations Sara & Bob on their wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, NJ" Then add your photos.

4. Ask your couple for the names of their wedding day vendors and add them to the list as well.

5. Hyperlink all of your vendors and words. Using step 3 as an example... "Congratulations Sara & Bob on their wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, NJ." See how I linked The Rockleigh to their website? Now do the same for the other vendors.

6. Each blog should have a tagging feature in the SEO section of it. In Squarespace which is what we use, there is a "Tags" button underneath each blog. So we'll add a bunch of keywords in there that relate to this blog post. 

7. Share Share Share. Share your Blog Post with the world. Get excited about it!! You've just written a little short story about someone's special day and now you're going to publish it. 

8. Re-do this for every wedding and watch your analytics grow!!

Check out our Blogs at http://www.richardbflores.com/blog to see how we do it.

If you have questions about blogging please let us know!! We would love to help!!